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Student Lessons with Tellagami

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Student Lessons with Tellagami This Spring, I hosted a workshop on campus over the Tellagami app and how it can be used for both student and teacher created learning videos.  I was amazed by the products the students (preservice teachers) made.  They really used their creativity in how they could use this tool as a tool for them to create… Read more »

iPadVideography 📽📲

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I LOVE creating on my iPad and a big advantage an iPad has over a computer or Chromebook in a classroom is it’s ability to capture and create amazing films!  Below is a Google Draw image I created with 6 of my top picks to make some movie magic.  I excused iMovie from the list only because I assume everyone… Read more »

Google Cardboard in the Classroom

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Take Your Students on an Epic Adventure Take a look at this picture. To most viewers, it’s another photo of war and destruction. Imagine if your students could view inside the damage with just a phone and a piece of cardboard.  Would your students be more impacted? Would the destruction and chaos be more real?  Could the experience spark an… Read more »

Learning at the JRCoE: Creating Student Stories on the iPad

 JCRoE Workshop 4/17/16:  The New and the Old… For this Sunday’s workshop, I decided to take a look at my list of digital storytelling apps, and share them with attendees.  After being overwhelmed by the amount of apps that could be applicable for this workshop, I decided to make a list of new apps I have been playing with, as… Read more »