Google Cardboard in the Classroom

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Take Your Students on an Epic Adventure


Image courtesy of Mashable

Take a look at this picture. To most viewers, it’s another photo of war and destruction. Imagine if your students could view inside the damage with just a phone and a piece of cardboard.  Would your students be more impacted? Would the destruction and chaos be more real?  Could the experience spark an emotion with your students versus the mere glances we mostly give when we see such images?

We are living in a world with amazing tools and resources that enable us to make our lessons more relevant and impactful for our students.  I’ve tried to make a curated list of apps and resources to get started using and creating VR videos in education. I have a feeling that I’ll have many posts and updates to come.

Take a look at the Google Doc I’ve started.  Please feel free to contact me with suggestions and additions! I’m really excited to revolutionize the way our students see the world! Are you?


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