Google Hangout and Google Hangout Live

Getting Started

In order to create a Google Hangout, you must first have a Google account.  At the JRCoE, we have our own Google Apps for Education domain which we highly encourage using when using Google tools with students. For more information on how to access your JRCoE Google account, email me at

Creating a Google Hangout

In your web browser, type

Confirm that you are signed in as your JRCoE Google account at the top right hand section of the page.

Press Video Call to create a new Google Hangout

Enter a name for your Google hangout and then press the arrow.

Invite Your Students

Once you name your GHO, you are prompted to invite others to your Hangout.  Press the blue box titled, Invite People.

There are two options to invite students to your GHO.

  1. You can manually enter all of your students’ Google email addresses into the invite box

2.  Share a link to your GHO with your students

In my opinion, the easiest way to invite students to your Google Hangout is to share the link with your students versus inviting each student individually.  Complete the following steps for link sharing.

First, select Invite People

Second, change University of Oklahoma and People Invited to Anyone with a Link.

Press Allow

Highlight the link and copy it to your clipboard.

Share your link in a Canvas announcement, email, or other tool you use to communicate with your students.

Google Hangout and YouTube Live

Google Hangout also gives you the ability to record your GHO, live, and Youtube later archives your video for future use. In order to create a GHO that you want to record and stream live, you must go to to initiate the Google Hangout.

Here are step by step instructions to start a Google Hangout that is live and recorded.  These instructions were mostly grabbed from the Google Queen, Alice Keeler and you can visit her site for more tutorials at

Getting Started

Go to on your computer

Make sure you are signed into your JRCoE Google account.


On the menu on the left, click on My Channel


Select Video Manager above your channel art.

Click on Live Streaming, and then Events, and then click on Schedule a New Event.

Fill in the required video items and descriptions.  Once your video description and settings are complete, press Go live now (Click here for a larger view).

*Make sure you have your video listed as Unlisted or Public, NOT Private.  Setting your video to Private will keep your video from being recorded.

Press OK

Share your link to your students by clicking on the icon with a person and a plus sign.

Copy the link to your clipboard and share it in Canvas, email, or other tools you use to communicate with your students.

Press Start Broadcast

Archiving Your Videos in Youtube

When you are finished with your recording, press Stop broadcast.

Return to, and select My Channel on the left menu.

Click on the Video Manager above the channel art on your page.

Your videos should be listed in order of last recorded.