EDEC 3233

Maximizing Storage on Your iPad or iPhone

The available storage on your iPad for music, apps, pictures and etc, is something that can only be changed by buying a phone with bigger storage capacity.  If you are running on a 16G iPhone or iPad, try a few of these tips to free up some space:

  1. Use cloud storage services for your photos and videos.  There are several options available to push your selfies off of your camera roll and into the cloud.  You might be already paying for these services and not know it.  Amazon Prime Members get unlimited amount of storage for photos in their Amazon Photos App.  What makes this app even sweeter is the fact that it performs a back up all by itself!  Simply download the app, sign in with your Amazon account, give the app permission to access your camera roll, and Voila! The app magically starts uploading your camera roll.  I do this every week, and then I delete the photos from my phone to free up space.  Besides Amazon, Google Photos and Dropbox offer the same feature.  If you do not have an Amazon Prime membership, I would recommend Google Photos.  Even though both Google Photos and Dropbox have limits on their space for free accounts, Google gives you more than enough!
  2. Delete apps you do not use often.  To easily delete unused apps and to see which apps are taking up the most room, view my little tutorial.  This is a lot faster than deleting apps from the home screen.
  3. Clear your web data and history.  One of the neatest little tricks I have learned to free up storage is to regularly clear my Safari data and history.  This is a great trick to keep your iPad running fast and also a good little spying trick.  By viewing the Safari data before I delete it, I can view every website that has been viewed on that iPad.  It’s been a great tool to use when monitoring my own children at home. Here is a short tutorial I made a couple of years ago to help.

4.   The next tip is one I don’t particularly endorse, but it does work. Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you accidentally buy a movie.  I recently read an article on Cult of Mac, that shared a little trick to free up space, but without an explanation.  The basic gist is you go to iTunes and buy a movie that you know cannot load on your iPhone or iPad (if you have 1.1 gigs of space left on your iPhone, try and buy a movie that is larger than 1.1 GB). Once your phone tries to download the movie, it will stop the download with an error message that your phone does not have enough storage to download the movie.  However, in the process of trying to download an item too big, your iPhone or iPad does some sort of cache of wasted space and if you go back to your settings, you magically have more space on your device.  According to the article, some people did it several times and freed up over 4 GB of space.   Read the entire article at http://bit.ly/1SPMwiG.

UPDATE:  My tutorial for #4.  It does work!