EDEL 4063 SP16

EDEL 4063 Students are currently student teaching.  

The week before I visited EDEL 4063, I sent a Google form to their instructor to gather questions and topics the interns would like to discuss.  The student teachers were energetic, eager, and excited to learn about a few new tools they could test out with their class the next day.  I decided to put the page in questions/answer format for the students to have as a resource in the future. 

Class Questions and Answers

Question 1: My cooperating teacher does not have individual devices for her students. What are some ideas on how I can use only my iPad from the JRCoE in the classroom? 

More is not always better.  I think many classroom teachers get trapped in the idea that in order to integrate the technology successfully, you must have a device for each student.  When we hand each student their own device, a valuable skill can get lost... Collaboration!  Ideally, I would prefer one device for every three students, but you can definetely make only one device work.   Consider the following ideas to get started:

  1. SEESAW!!!  If you have not heard of Seesaw, you are missing out!  Even with limited access to devices, your students can still start creating their own digital portfolios.  With Seesaw, teachers have the option to create the class without usernames and passwords.  This allows students to use the same iPad for their own individual projects and upload it to their feed in Seesaw.  To learn more, check out Tonya Gaunt and my presentation on Seesaw. 
  2. Create an iPad Center:  Regardless of age, students should never outgrow centers.  Placing an iPad as a center in your classroom is a great way for one iPad to interact with multiple students.  Center suggestions would be a blogging station, a SeeSaw station, Lego Stop Motion Movie station, and the list could go on.  
  3. Use your iPad for media creation and sharing.  With cheap apps like DoInk Greenscreen and Animation or Touchcast, you can easily set up a green screen and media corner in your classroom. Have your students create learning videos or record short reflective videos daily.  If your class is using Seesaw, your students can easily upload their project to the Seesaw app, and store it in their own, personal, digital portfolios.  
  4. Incorporate a "creation station" in your classroom.  Here is a list of my favorite creation apps for the iPad.  Have your students create their assignment instead of just fill in the blanks!  Upload their projects to Seesaw and share with your parents!

Question 2:  My iPad is running out of room.  How can I free up more storage? 

The dreaded message of "Storage Almost Full."  As someone who is still too cheap to buy anything more than a 16G iPhone, I feel your pain.  First thing, lets distinguish between iCloud Storage and actual storage on your phone.

iCloud storage is virtual storage.  If you are receiving messages that your iCloud storage is full, it can be an easy fix. BUY MORE STORAGE!  If you buy a Starbuck's coffee at least once a month, you can't justify not paying less than a buck to save yourself lots of anguish if your iPhone crashes.  I pay 99₵ a month for an additional 45G of space. Its a personal choice, but to me my pictures, documents, and backups are worth the cost. 

The available storage on your iPad for music, apps, pictures and etc, is something that can only be fixed by buying a phone with bigger storage capacity.  If you are like me and can't afford the 128GB you so desperately want and need, here are a few tricks to try to free up some extra room.

  1. Use cloud storage services for your photos and videos.  There are several options available to push your selfies off of your camera roll and into the cloud.  You might be already paying for these services and not know it.  Amazon Prime Members get unlimited amount of storage for photos in their Amazon Photos App.  What makes this app even sweeter is the fact that it performs a back up all by itself!  Simply download the app, sign in with your Amazon account, give the app permission to access your camera roll, and Voila! The app magically starts uploading your camera roll.  I do this every week, and then I delete the photos from my phone to free up space.  Besides Amazon, Google Photos and Dropbox offer the same feature.  If you do not have an Amazon Prime membership, I would recommend Google Photos.  Even though both Google Photos and Dropbox have limits on their space for free accounts, Google gives you more than enough! And it creates GIF's.  SOLD!!
  2. Delete apps you do not use often.  Do not waste your time deleting photos when you need to free up space in a pinch.  This is a complete waste of time.  A photo is a quarter of the size of an app. To easily delete unused apps and to see which apps are taking up the most room, view my little tutorial.  This is a lot faster than deleting apps from the home screen. 
  3. Clear your web data and history.  One of the neatest little tricks I have learned to free up storage is to regularly clear my Safari data and history.  This is a great trick to keep your iPad running fast and also a good little spying trick.  By viewing the Safari data before I delete it, I can view every website that has been viewed on that iPad.  It's been a great tool to use when monitoring my own kiddos at home. Here is a short tutorial I made a couple of years ago to help.


Question 3:  What is a cheap alternative to Apple TV?

I ♥️ iTV, but for cost conscience schools, administrators and teachers, a hundred bucks isn't alway sin the budget.  My favorite solution if Apple TV is not an option is Reflector 2.  It is extremely easy to use and a fraction of the cost.  Reflector 2 can also accommodate Android devices with a cheap $6 single license.  Reflector 2 also has the ability to screencast and record your iPad.  By mirroring your iPad to your laptop, and pressing record, Reflector could also double as a valuable tool for Flipped Learning. 

Question 4: What are some your favorite apps!

I love to create with my iPad.  I have created an app list using Google Draw.  I have linked all of the apps to the app store, so try opening the link to the resource page on your iPad to easily download the apps.

My Favorite Creative Apps Created with Google Draw